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Inspiring Passion For The Great Outdoors

Our goal is to reconnect people to their roots and with nature. Learn about conservation, check out some of our free online resources, or if you’re looking for our online store click here. Enjoy our curated collections of art, jewelry, and crafts made by collaborating artists & biologists from accross the globe.

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Art & Jewelry From Artists & Biologists

Illustrations & Artwork From Collaborating Artists

We have several beautifully illustrated pieces of artwork. From wall posters, to postcards, or even phone cases.

Arts, Crafts, & Jewelry Created By Wildlife Biologists

Some of the items you find on our online stores is crafted and created by everday, real-life wildlife biologists putting in the work. These biologists have committed their lifes work towards consevation of the great outdoors.

Connect With Us Online Or Check Out Some Of Our Resources

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We are constantly sharing what we are up to between our outdoor adventures and what is happening in the wider world. You can find us on Instagram, Pinterest, & YouTube.

We Have Several Resources We Used To Build Just Wild Things

We have credited some of the creators, artists, & photographers we used. Either by free downloads or in some cases paid assets. Check out some of these great artists and their content.

Share Your Outdoor Adventures With Us Online

There is a large world full of exporation teeming with plants and wildlife. Share your outdoor adventures with us on social media as we experience all the wild things.

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Joining The 'Just Wild Things' Project

We are currently limiting the people we work with, only taking on a small number at a time. There are several reasons for this. We want to make sure we both have time to discuss and ask questions. Build an understanding on expectations and goals for each other. Ultimately we want to ensure we continue to embrace our mission and passion for the great outdoors.

Discover Goals, Expectations, & Plans

Determine How We Can Work Together

Onboarding & Creator Spotlight